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Tyres Brampton Ash

    PBT Supplies is one of the prominent garages in the automobile servicing and sales industry in the UK. Although it is a new garage company, it offers all the services that a fully experienced garage would serve at the best quality. This is the go-to place to get cheap tyres in Brampton Ash.

    Tyres at PBT Supplies

    Are you looking for tyres that would have you covered all year round or especially in summer or winter? Worry no more, because PBT Supplies is stocked with all types of tyres in Brampton Ash. If you live in moderate weather conditions with no need to travel to regions facing extreme weather, you should buy all-season tyres especially for your car from PBT Supplies. While seasonal tyres have their benefits, changing tyres twice every year costs a lot both in terms of money and effort

    We would provide you with a large number of reliable options to choose from along with expert guidance from our experienced staff. Before making up your mind, take a look at what makes all-season tyres so special and why you need them.

    How are all-season tyres different?

    All-season tyres are specifically designed to provide you with the best features of summer and winter tyres. You can use them all year round without running any risks or facing any major troubles if the weather conditions are mild. This is because they have the following features:

  • All-season tyres are made up of a special rubber compound. Neither are they made up of the hard rubber that is found in summer tyres nor are they made up of the soft rubber compound used in winter tyres. The compound used in the manufacture of these tyres is an intermediate one that is capable of handling both dry or muddy summer roads, and slightly icy winter roads.
  • All-season tyres make use of asymmetrical tread patterns which help them to provide good traction and grip on both summer and winter roads. Such a tread pattern assists the driver by providing smooth handling and braking.
  • These features make all-season car tyres in Brampton Ash a good choice and all other parts of the UK. However, if you have to frequently drive your car for long hours, or if you travel to regions with extreme weather, it is always advisable to use separate summer and winter tyres.

    Plenty of Services at PBT

    In addition to the supply of the best quality tyres, PBT Supplies Ltd also provides vehicle services by experienced professionals. Be it wheel alignment or wheel balancing, your vehicle will be good to go after the service at PBT. PBT also repairs flat tyres or puncture repairs reasonably and also gives tips to avoid flat tyres.

    Buy your Vehicle tyres from us

    We, at PBT Supplies Ltd, stock an impressive collection of all types of tyres from all leading brands. One of the leading suppliers of the best quality tyres in Brampton Ash, we have just what you need. Check out our collection on our online catalogue or contact us.

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