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Many vehicle owners can't do much with the numbers and letters shown on a tyre's sidewall.

The tyre size is standardised and can be deciphered quite easily. Here is an example of the tyre size explanation:

195/60 R15 88H

The first three digits - here 195 - stand for the width of the tyre in millimetres.

The second two digits - here 60 - stand for the ratio of height and width in per cent.

The following letter - here R - stands for the tyre's construction type. R stands for a radial tyre.

The next digits - here 15 - indicate the rim dimension and are given in inches.

Finally, there is the load index - here 88 - which indicates how much load per tyre is permissible. In this case, it's 560kg.

The last letter - here T - indicates the maximum speed. T means a max. Speed of 118 mph.

Sometimes there is a "C" at the end of the sequence of letters and numbers. This indicates that the vehicle is a light goods vehicle (HGV). The "C" stands for "commercial".

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Calculating Tyre Size

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