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Blacklion Tyres

    Blacklion is a well-known tyre company that has gained popularity for manufacturing tyres that provide improved performance and safety. The company offers a wide range of tyres for various vehicles models. Blacklion has an advanced testing and manufacturing facility to produce premium-quality tyres that provide excellent command over your car.

    Here at PBT Tyres, we stock an assortment of premium, mid-range and Cheap tyres Market Harborough. Our team can also help you find the right Blacklion tyres that will be perfect for your driving needs. Moreover, we have the latest tools and technology to fit new tyres with extreme accuracy.

    Passenger and SUV Blacklion Market Harborough Tyres.

    We have a wide variety of summer-, winter-, all-season-, 4x4-, performance- and run-flat tyres available.

    Some examples:


    This tyre has a robust centre rib for improved stability and braking performance. Moreover, the aggressive edges on the HH11 tyre enhance traction and deliver excellent handling throughout the year. The HH11 is made with the latest compound, has a clever tread design and feature unique sidewalls for a safe and comfortable driving experience.


    This tyre comes with a tough centre rib to deliver stability while driving at high speeds. The HU01 is a Cheap Blacklion Market Harborough that features an advanced silica compound that offers improved wet traction and reduced rolling resistance. The wide circumferential grooves on this tyre provide excellent water drainage and help maximise tyre grip on wet roads. Finally, the tread grooves on this tyre have a high angle for enhanced water evacuation and reduced hydroplane resistance.


    This tyre has an asymmetrical tread pattern for improved evacuation of water and excellent dry traction. Silica compounds used for manufacturing this Blacklion Market Harborough tyre reduces tyre heat production and provides excellent wet traction, braking performance and decreased rolling resistance.


    This SUV tyre has an aggressive design perfect for driving in all terrains. The HA11 is made with optimised shoulder grooves to improve wet grip and provide a safe drive. The clever grooves design of HA11 improves stone retention as well as water evacuation.

    Other Blacklion Market Harborough Tyres include

    • HT01
    • HA11

    You can browse through our tyre range using the tyre finder tool on our website. Just type in your vehicle’s reg.-number, and within seconds you can see all available tyres for your particular vehicle.

    You can certainly also come directly to our facility to Buy Blacklion tyres Market Harborough. Our team will be happy to help you.

    Cheap Blacklion Tyres Market Harborough - PBT!

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