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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Wheel balancing is a standard procedure to ensure your driving safety and comfort. Driving with unbalanced wheels can majorly influence the handling response and reduce the overall performance of your car. Precise wheel balancing increases the tyre tread life, provides a comfortable driving experience, and better steering abilities to your vehicle.

PBT Supplies Ltd. is well equipped with the latest tools and technology to deliver the best Wheel balancing Market Harborough for all types of cars.

Signs that your vehicle’s wheels need balancing

We recommend you drive straight to our workshop for Cheap Wheel balancing Market Harborough if you start noticing any of the following symptoms of a wheel imbalance:


If you feel excessive vibrations in the car's steering wheel while driving, it can be an early symptom of wheel imbalance. After a while you might also feel vibrations on the floorboard, and even under the seats of your car.

Uneven tyre wear

A wheel imbalance causes the tyre tread to wear off more quickly and unevenly. If you have noticed this very obvious sign, you should get your car’s wheels checked as soon as possible in order to stop further pre-mature tyre wear or even damage to tyres and wheels.

Increased Braking distance

An unexpected increase in stopping time while braking your vehicle can also be the result of wheel imbalance. You should get it inspected by our team to avoid serious safety concerns while driving.

Increased Fuel Consumption

A sudden decrease in mileage is also a common sign of wheel imbalance.

Other Signs of Wheel balancing Market Harborough include:

  • Unusual noises generated while driving at higher speeds
  • Difficulties while steering

Common reasons for Wheel balancing in Market Harborough

Multiple factors can lead to an imbalance in the wheels. Some of them are:

Driving on a rough surface

Driving your vehicle on uneven roads or rugged terrains, hitting curbs, driving over speed bumpers or through potholes at a higher speed are the most frequent causes for wheel imbalance.

Damaged or Faulty Parts

Any damaged or malfunctioning component attached to the wheels can lead to a wheel imbalance. If ignored, the issue can further create problems in other components and result in expensive repairs in the future.

Loosely fitted wheels

A loose wheel is the result of incorrect mounting or unmounting of a tyre. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for a well-known repair centre like PBT Supplies Ltd. for the best results.

Worn-out Components

Some components in a car are prone to regular damage. Parts such as the shock absorbers or struts are connected to the wheels and, any damage to them can significantly reduce the performance.

Manufacturing Defects

Although rare, manufacturing defects can happen. These defects are hardly noticeable at the initial stages but soon start to reduce the overall performance of your vehicle and can also be a cause of wheel imbalance.

Here at PBT, we use the latest wheel balancing technology. Our experts will remove the wheels from your vehicle and mount them (including the tyres) one by one onto our wheel balancer, where they are rotated at high speed. On the computer screen, any weight imbalance will become visible. Our technicians will then attach small counterweights to the rims to ensure even weight distribution around the wheels.

Please note: We carry out wheel balancing as a standard procedure with ever tyre change.

Please contact our in-house team today if you have any questions about Wheel balancing Market Harborough. We will be happy to assist you.

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