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Roadx Tyres

    Are You Searching for RoadX Tyres for your Vehicle?

    RoadX tyres provide smooth handling and excellent braking abilities. They also lower a vehicle's fuel consumption. Years of research and steady development goes into manufacturing new and innovative RoadX tyres.

    So, in case you haven't used RoadX Tyres Market Harborough before but would like to try a new brand, RoadX would definitely be worth a try! You can buy RoadX tyres from our facility at very reasonable prices. We stock a wide range of cheap RoadX Tyres Market Harborough in our inventory.

    Our Online Services

    You can now not only buy tyres directly at our workshop. You can buy RoadX Tyres Market Harborough online, directly from our website. Just enter your car's registration number into our tyre search section and choose your favourite tyre model. At check-out, you can also select a suitable fitting appointment.

    Tyres at PBT Supplies Ltd.

    You can find a wide range of tyres in our inventory, from premium- over mid-range to Cheap Tyres Market Harborough - we have them all.

    Our RoadX best-sellers

    RoadX H12

    These run-flat tyres have specially constructed sidewalls to help support the weight of a vehicle, even in the event of pressure loss. With this tyre variant, it is still possible to drive up to 50 miles at 50 mph.

    RXMotion H11

    This range of tyres are eco-friendly, long-lasting and highly fuel-efficient. They have three wide tread grooves and wave-like sipes, ensuring improved driving safety and enhanced wet and dry grip.

    RXQuest C01

    These units offer optimised dry and wet performance, longer tread life, and improved wear resistance. Their wide S-shaped grooves guarantee efficient water evacuation.

    RXQuest A/T

    The RXQuest A/T is ideal for vans, pickups, and SUVs. These units offer excellent traction on muddy and wet terrain.

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