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Churchill Tyres

    Churchill is a British tyre brand. The company's tyres are designed in the UK and manufactured in Vietnam and China. The machinery necessary for the production of Churchill tyres comes from international sources (Germany, The Netherlands, Japan and Italy).

    Mid-range prices for premium quality

    Churchill tyres, even though they belong to the mid-range tyre segment, offers premium brand quality.

    One of the most popular tyre types produced by Churchill is high-performance tyres. The design and production of these tyres require a lot of attention to detail. It starts with the raw material - natural rubber. Churchill owns its own rubber plantations, mainly in Thailand. This gives the company complete control over the quality of its tyre material. Rubber is the main component of every tyre. Additionally, fibre cords are sourced in South Korea, tread-belt-cords come from Germany, steel from Belgium and carbon is sourced in the USA.

    Testing Facilities

    Churchill's own on-site testing facilities make it possible to test- and constantly improve their tyre products. The manufacturer never makes any compromises on safety and quality.

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