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Tyres Braybrooke

    Searching for the top quality tyres in Braybrooke? No more fusses for you because PBT Supplies Ltd is here with a vast range of tyres from popular and reliable brands.

    Best selling tyres at PBT Supplies Ltd

    Summer Tyres

    When the season turns hot, with temperatures rising all the time, summer tyres play a vital role in adapting to the new conditions and ensuring a hassle-free driving experience for you. Summer tyres have an extended life compared to all season’s tyres and winter tyres. The hardness of the rubber and its compounds is what imparts strength to the summer tyres. Traction is at its best which leads to easy handling.

    Winter Tyres

    The Winter season brings with it icy and snow-filled roads that are not easy to drive on. As a car owner, you must have realized the difficulties of driving in a harsh climate with the existing set of tyres that were not designed to counter the radical changes on the road brought on by seasonal changes. It is advisable to shift from the regular tyres you drive on to the winter tyres that would once again ensure a smooth ride like before.

    We at PBT Supplies Ltd have a huge stock of summer and winter car tyres in Braybrooke. These tyres are popular models from top brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental and Pirelli.

    Services you can avail at PBT

    Puncture Repair

    Tyre punctures or flat tyres are inevitable if you ride on uneven or sharp surfaces or if you put your vehicle standstill for a long time. It can cause a lot of obstacles. Contact us to get your vehicle flat tyre resolved or to get suggestions on how to avoid vehicle tyre punctures.

    Wheel Alignment

    Vehicle wheels must be properly aligned to ensure a smoother ride. Your vehicle may face a change in the angles of the tyre wheels after prolonged usage. You may face issues like squealing tyres, uneven tyre wear or disturbed steering when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. In such cases, contact us or drop by at our garage to get your vehicle wheels aligned.

    Why choose PBT Supplies

    At PBT Supplies Ltd, our stock of tyres consists of all the popular models from world-renowned brands. Your first option is to bring your vehicle anytime into our garage and choose the best set of cheap tyres in Braybrooke or avail of the services we provide with guidance from our experts. Once such a choice is made, our mechanics will fit in the tyres immediately.

    You can also contact us and book an appointment with us. Yet another alternative way for you is to check our online catalogue for the tyres you need which are maintained in real-time.

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