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Tyres Clipston

    Owning a vehicle is not easy. We need to take the vehicle for check-ups regularly and one small ignorance can become a big hurdle. For that, you need a reliable garage that offers top quality services and PBT Supplies Ltd is such a garage. The best car tyres in Clipston are available at PBT Supplies Ltd.

    What services do PBT Supplies offer?

    You can enjoy a smooth ride in your car till you feel that sudden jolt shake your vehicle, and it becomes difficult to control the steering wheel and the tyres. This is due to a puncture in the middle of the road. This situation mentioned above happens to everyone without exception. In such cases, contact us or visit PBT Supplies to get your vehicle's puncture repair. An option to resolve tyre punctures or flat tyres is opting for Run-flat tyres which are available at PBT Supplies.

    Why Run-Flat tyres?

    Run-Flat tyres in Clipston are those types of tyres that can keep driving up to fifty miles even after getting punctured, within which you can find a garage to fix the puncture.

    There are two types of run-flat tyres

  • Self- Supporting system under which unique sidewalls are present in the tyres allowing them to run a distance despite a puncture.
  • Support Ring System where the tyres are developed with a rigid - rubber-made ring or something similar to that. The advantage is that the car would run even if it experiences a flat bearing all that load.
  • Benefits of run-flat tyres

  • There are no damages to the Wheel rims despite the puncture and the distance they run extra with it.
  • The car has more boot space now, and you need not carry spare tyres and tools.
  • Mileage increases as a result of not taking the extra load.
  • The vehicle does not lose its stability at all, even at the moment of puncture.
  • Other services at PBT Supplies

    A wide range of services is offered at PBT Supplies which includes wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is necessary for a vehicle to have a smoother ride. It is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are in perfect contact with the road.

    Other tyres available at PBT Supplies

    Not only the run flat tyres, but PBT Supplies also has some of the best quality summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and 4X4 tyres. Be it any type of vehicle, PBT Supplies has all types of tyres and services to attend to them all.

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    PBT Supplies Ltd stocks some of the best and cheap tyres in Clipston. Our experts would help you choose the best tyres for your vehicle, and we can fit them onto your vehicle on the spot.

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