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Tyres Desborough

    Are you searching for quality tyres in Desborough? Well, PBT Supplies Ltd is here to end your search. PBT Supplies Ltd has top-quality summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and performance tyres in abundance. Even though PBT Supplies is new to the business, it offers high-quality services at affordable rates on par with an experienced and reliable garage. Along with providing car tyres in Desborough for all types of vehicles, PBT also offers vehicle services like wheel alignment and puncture repair.

    Tyres at PBT Supplies

  • Performance tyres are expected to have optimized traction on wet and dry roads along with high handling responsiveness. These tyres are developed with unique tread patterns. They are precision tyres, and they require special rubbers.
  • Summer tyres give high stability in curves and maximum mileage performance in warm weather. These tyres work well both on dry and wet roads but are more suitable for higher temperatures.
  • Winter tyres have a higher rubber content that makes them softer than other tyres. These tyres are designed for snow and ice. These tyres have a tread design with maximum gaps which further gives optimum traction on snow and icy roads. Winter tyres work very well when the temperature hits below 7 degrees Celsius.
  • All-season tyres can be used throughout the year. They cannot be as good as summer or winter tyres but they are the most versatile tyres available. If you live in unpredictable weather conditions, then choose all-season tyres for your vehicle.
  • Services at PBT Supplies

    Apart from offering you top quality and cheap tyres in Desborough, PBT Supplies is here with amazing vehicle services. It offers services like wheel alignment, puncture repair, servicing etc.

  • A wheel alignment is necessary to increase the mileage of your vehicle and to have a smoother ride. The process of wheel alignment includes changing the angles of all four tyres in such a way that they run smoothly and are in right contact with the surface.
  • A puncture repair should be handled instantly because there will be a possibility of major tyre failure and can also lead to accidents. A flat tyre occurs when the vehicle is being run over a sharp object. One can always choose run flat or tubeless tyres to have a minimum number of punctures.
  • A car servicing is a routine check-up on your vehicle's condition. The mechanics will check for wear and tear on brakes, filters, oil and engine. A vehicle must be serviced regularly to have an increased lifespan and smooth rides.
  • Why choose PBT Supplies?

    PBT Supplies ids Ltd has tyre experts who can help you choose the best tyres in Desborough that would fit your car. You can contact us and book an appointment with our experts to choose from the vast stock of tyres with us.

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