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Tyres East Farndon

    If you are looking to purchase tyres in East Farndon, PBT Supplies Ltd is the place for you to get branded tyres like Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin. You can find the ultimate quality and cheap tyres in East Farndon at PBT Supplies Ltd.

    Tyres at PBT

    Winter Tyres

    Winter tyres are favourable to colder temperatures. These tyres have a tread design with more grooves that helps in staying put on the icy or snowy surface. Winter tyres provide more safety and grip on snowy surfaces than other tyres.

    Performance Tyres

    If performance is the main aspect you are looking for in tyres, then you must opt for performance tyres. Performance tyres have optimized traction on wet and dry roads. They give value for money as they are a bit more expensive than the regular tyres. Check whether your vehicle is suitable for performance tyres or not before the purchase.

    Summer Tyres

    Summer tyres are designed for warmer temperatures. These tyres are designed with less natural rubber content and have a tread pattern with fewer grooves. Summer tyres provide great acceleration and braking performance in warm climates.

    All-season Tyres

    All-season tyres have your back throughout the year. If you do not have to travel to places with extreme weather, then these tyres must be your choice. All-season tyres perform well in all weather conditions. Get your all-season car tyres East Farndon from PBT Supplies.


    Wheel Alignment

    Is your car drifting towards one side while driving? The possible reason could be that the wheels of your vehicle are misaligned. If you are around the area and looking for Wheel alignment in East Farndon, we suggest that you bring your car to us at PBT Supplies. Our experts are well-trained to identify your issue and get the misalignment sorted in no time.

    When do you bring your vehicle to us for a Wheel alignment?

    There are some common indicators of misaligned wheels, when noticed you should get your car to us for repair. They are:

  • If your vehicle is drifting towards the side and, on steering, the car does not move correctly in the proper direction.
  • If you notice uneven tyre wear on even one tyre. Especially, when your tyres wear out in certain phases.
  • The tyres are noisy while taking turns on roads.
  • The steering wheel vibrates too much while driving.
  • The inner and outer shoulder rib of the tyres gets worn off.
  • All the angles when in the perfect posture indicates that your car wheels are well aligned.

    PBT Supplies also offers puncture repair. One must not neglect a flat tyre as it might lead to a major problem. Our garage has experienced mechanics to carry out all the vehicle services with all precautions.

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    If you are nearby and looking for vehicle tyres or services in East Farndon, please contact us, and we will fix an appointment with our experts for you. You can book an appointment online with us as well. No time for booking an appointment? No worries, drop by at our garage, and our experts will be happy to help you.

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