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Tyres East Langton

    Are you looking for tyres that fit your vehicle perfectly? Worry no more because you are at the right place to get car tyres in East Langton fitted for your vehicle. PBT Supplies Ltd is the exact choice for all your vehicle services and repairs.

    We stock an extensive range of summer, winter and more types of tyres in East Langton at our garage. All you need to do is book your desired tyre from our online catalogue and our staff will deliver it to your mentioned location. Or you can visit our garage and purchase the tyre of your choice directly and get it fitted for your vehicle.

    Types of tyres at PBT

    • Summer tyres
    • Winter tyres
    • Performance tyres
    • All-season tyres
    • 4×4 tyres

    4×4 tyres are designed for both on-road and off-road use. They work better on snow, grass and mud than regular tyres. The tread is deeper in 4×4 tyres and contains larger gaps between the tread than those normal tyres. The deeper tread provides traction in loose surfaces and enhances braking ability.

    Some of the 4×4 tyres are:

    All-terrain tyres

    4×4 all-terrain tyres work well in all types of terrain. They are an excellent balance between the on-road or off-road tyres. These tyres can be driven on-road and off-road without excessive wear and fuel consumption.

    Highway Terrain tyres

    They are made to resist higher temperatures and higher speeds that come with motorway driving. Highway terrain tyres are used to minimise road noise and give the best friction on the road. Highway terrain tyres are excellent if you are considering using the vehicle mostly in urban areas.

    Mud Terrain tyres

    These tyres will self-clean debris, mud etc very well and do not wear out on rough surfaces. These may be a bit noisier than the other types of tyres on the road but will work excellently off-road with an aggressive tread design against rocky surfaces.

    Vehicle services at PBT Supplies

    Wheel alignment

    Misaligned wheels of a vehicle can result in poor mileage, rapid tyre wear and squealing tyres. You must get your vehicle tyre wheels aligned regularly so that you will have a smoother ride and increased fuel efficiency.

    Puncture repair

    Tyre punctures are unpredictable. The person who drives the vehicle may not notice the small sharp objects on the road which can lead to a flat tyre. In such cases, give us a call or, if it's nearby our garage, drop by at our garage to get your vehicle flat tyres fixed.

    Why choose us?

    You can find all kinds of tyres for all budgets at PBT Supplies Ltd. Besides, we are a group of professional mechanics who always strive hard to provide quality services. Give us a call right away in case you have any more doubts or drop by at our garage for any further clarifications. To avail of our services, our staff will always be glad to assist you.

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