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Tyres Gartree

    PBT Supplies Ltd is a one-stop destination for your every vehicle need. It offers all the vehicle services and provides tyres in Gartree from top brands.

    Types of Tyres available at PBT Supplies

    PBT Supplies stocks up a wide range of tyres. As there are a huge number of tyres available, you can choose the best suitable tyres for your vehicle. Types of car tyres in Gartree available at PBT Supplies are

    • Performance tyres
    • Winter tyres
    • Summer tyres
    • Run-flat tyres
    • All-season tyres

    The demand for All-season tyres is growing day by day as they can be used throughout the year and for their versatility. They may not give the efficiency same as summer tyres or winter tyres, but they are the best for mild weather conditions.

    These tyres have many features compared to the others, which allows for adaptability even with the changing seasons. Since they are capable of such flexibility, you need not change tyres with the weather or season changing. As long as the weather conditions are mild, All-season tyres can be in use.

    Your search for top quality cheap tyres in Gartree ends here in PBT Supplies Ltd. We have a wide range of tyres in stock that will suit your budget.

    Why Choose All-Season Tyres?

    All seasons tyres are the most viable option when one considers both winter and summer Tyres. There are many features built into an All-season tyre that:

  • Can run on all surfaces
  • The tread pattern is well defined and durable
  • It is a combination of treads and rubber compounds found in summer and winter tyres.
  • The top four All-Season tyres that are popular in YYYYY are:

    • Michelin CrossClimate+
    • Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO
    • Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen -2
    • Nokian Weatherproof

    Plethora of Services

    Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment is caused when you hit a pothole or curb or minor collisions. If not, you can know that your vehicle wheels are misaligned when you experience vibrations in your steering or rapid tread wear or squealing tyres. The procedure of wheel alignment includes the adjustment of the car's suspension in order to get the correct angle of tyres with the road.

    Puncture repair

    Punctures happen when sharp objects pierce through car tyres. Puncture repair is fixing the holes in the tyre tubes. Tyre puncture results in the loss of inside air from the tyre tubes which further stops or suppresses the movement of the vehicle. An alternative is to use tubeless tyres or run-flat tyres. Whenever you experience a flat tyre, contact us or drop by at our garage for the best quality repairs.

    Why choose us for purchasing tyres?

    We at PBT Supplies Ltd are aware of the high importance of fitting your car with the best car tyres in Gartree. Please do not hesitate to call or consult our tyre experts in case you have any queries. Our friendly staff will be at your service 24/7.

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