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Tyres Gumley

    At PBT Supplies Ltd, we offer several vehicle services and sell top branded tyres in Gumley. We stock up tyres from various brands so that you can have many options to choose from.

    Popular Tyres at PBT Supplies

  • Summer tyres offer a good driving experience and better performance during humid, hot and parched climatic conditions. Summer tyres have lesser grooves to minimise the friction on road. The tyres also sport uniquely designed block treads which in turn optimises the vehicle control while driving by increasing the surface of contact between the tyre and the road. These tyres provide better grip and better handling.
  • Winter tyres have a comparatively higher rubber content than regular tyres. You must need winter tyres if you live or drive in a country where the temperature falls below 7 degrees C. Winter tyres are capable of performing optimally on rain, snow and icy roads. The softer compound of rubber makes it easier for winter tyres to get a maximum grip at colder temperatures. Extra deep treads in winter tyres help disperse more water, reduce aquaplaning and improve handling.
  • Run-flat tyres are designed to resist the effects of deflation when a tyre is punctured. These tyres are helpful in many cases like you can continue driving even after a puncture so that you can reach a nearby garage or a safe place.
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    Puncture repairs

    A puncture is uncertain. It can happen when we fail to notice a tiny sharp object along the way. A puncture can delay our appointments or meetings. In such cases, what you need is an instant repair service. Give us a call to get your tyre puncture repair instantly or drop by at our garage if it's near to the incident place.

    Wheel alignment

    Rightly aligned wheels play an important role in increasing tyre life, mileage and fuel efficiency. It is also helpful in giving you a smoother ride. Wheel misalignment can happen when you drive fast over a pothole or hit a curb. If ignored, misaligned wheels can even lead to accidents. When you notice symptoms like squealing tyres, uneven tyre wear, you must drop by our garage to get your vehicle wheel alignment fixed to prevent further problems.

    Choosing PBT Supplies Ltd for car tyres

    In search of good performance without compromising safety? Your answer lies here.

    Being one of the top automotive retailers in Gumley and with a highly experienced team of mechanics, we at PBT Supplies Ltd provide services and car tyres in Gumley in the best interests of our customers. Housing top brands like Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone etc you are bound to find the right set of tyres for any vehicle out there. You can also find cheap tyres in Gumley at PBT Supplies Ltd.

    For more details, please contact us or simply book your tyres online and get them fitted at our garage.

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