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Run-flat tyres are designed in such a way that the tyre bead remains fixed to the rim even if the tyre loses pressure. This means you don't run the risk of the tyre popping off and damaging the wheel. The tyre can maintain its shape by itself for a while after a puncture.

The tyres have reinforced sidewalls for this purpose so that they can function even if they are perforated. However, these can also disguise damage that is inside the tyre. If a hole occurs, the tyre walls are subjected to very high stress. A repair is, therefore, unfortunately impossible.

What are the advantages of run-flat tyres?

Probably the most significant advantage of run-flat tyres is that you don't have to carry a spare wheel. This means you have more space in the boot, and the car is lighter overall.

This puts less load on the brakes, and the vehicle also drives more economically. You also don't have to change the tyre at the side of the road in case of a flat tyre.

You also don't run the risk of having to wait in the dark for the breakdown service. With a run-flat tyre, you can drive for about 50 miles at 50 mph. This means that you can reach your destination or a workshop with a run-flat tyre even if the tyre has a puncture.

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