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Bridgestone Tyres

    Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi as an automobile and truck components manufacturer. Eventually, this Japanese company ventured into making Bridgestone tyres.

    In 2017, it became the largest tyre manufacturing company in the entire world and had dominated the tyre manufacturing market ever since. The company is now spread across 25 major countries around the globe and has plans to venture into five more in the next few years.

    It is known for its visionary ideas and innovative take on even the most mundane issues. This company thrives on serving the best to its customers along with its heritage to leave an imprint on their minds. It has reached such heights that it is now the worldwide partner of Olympic games.

    If you too wish to experience their legacy with a modernised angle, visit Airfield Business Park and buy Bridgestone tyres for your vehicle. We stock their passenger car, 4×4 and van tyres at our facility in various sizes and tread patterns.

    Van tyres

    The company makes van tyres that can sustain heavy loads and travel miles without wearing the tyre tread much. Use them on wet roads or dry ones, and their performance will not drop at all; instead, they will enhance your efficiency of steering.

    Save both time and money with these tyres as they provide excellent mileage and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy as well. So of the best van units manufactured by this company are-

  • Blizzak W 810
  • Blizzak LM-18c
  • Duravis All Season
  • Passenger car tyres

    Passenger cars have regained their popularity by the end of 2019 among the people of Great Britain. The company offers a colossal of car tyres be it for sports, daily use or any other passenger car subcategory.

    It produces remarkable summer, winter as well as all season tyres with unique tread designs and specialised groove arrangements. These car units are also potent at improving your car’s fuel economy, making them the right choice for your vehicle. Few of their best selling Bridgestone car tyres are-

  • Blizzak LM- 20
  • Turanza T 005
  • Potenza S 007
  • Ecopia EP 150
  • 4×4 tyres

    You will find units for all types of SUV you can think of, be it for touring, adventure or sports. These tyres are great at distributing load and providing stability to the vehicle while driving. The summer tyres are remarkable at providing hydroplaning resistance on rain-covered roads. In contrast, the winter tyres are exceptional at giving a firm grip on the snowy surface.

    Fit these to your 4×4 and forget what excessive fuel consumption was like, for these units will drastically improve the vehicle’s fuel economy. Some of the finest Bridgestone tyres for SUVs are-

  • Dueler A/T 001
  • Dueler H/T 687
  • Weather Control A005 EVO
  • Turanza EL 42
  • Quit searching “Bridgestone tyres near me”, as all the tyres you require from this company are stocked at our station. So, visit Airfield Business Park and select the perfect units for your precious vehicle from our massive range.

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